How Much is a Pomeranian – Understanding the Cost

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If you’re considering bringing a Pomeranian into your family, you may be wondering about the cost. Pomeranians are adorable, fluffy companions known for their vibrant personalities. In this article, we will explore the factors that influence the price of a Pomeranian, including breed quality, lineage, age, and location. By understanding these factors, you can make an informed decision and ensure that you provide the best care for your new furry friend.

Pomeranian Breed Standards

To determine the cost of a Pomeranian, it’s essential to consider breed standards. Pomeranians should meet certain criteria in terms of size, coat quality, color, and overall conformation. Puppies that closely adhere to these standards are usually priced higher than those with deviations.

Quality and Lineage

The lineage and quality of a Pomeranian play a significant role in its price. Puppies from reputable breeders who have established bloodlines and breed for health, temperament, and conformation often come with a higher price tag. These breeders invest in health testing, genetic screenings, and selective breeding to produce healthy and well-rounded Pomeranians.

Age and Availability

The age of a Pomeranian can affect its price. Puppies are typically more expensive than adult dogs due to the time and resources invested in their early care and socialization. Additionally, the availability of Pomeranians in your area can influence their cost. If Pomeranians are scarce in your location, the demand may drive up the price.

Show Potential

Pomeranians with show potential, meaning they possess qualities that could excel in conformation shows, are generally priced higher. These puppies may have traits that align closely with breed standards, making them suitable for future participation in dog shows. Show-quality Pomeranians are often sold with specific breeding and showing restrictions.

Pet vs. Breeding Rights

The price of a Pomeranian can also vary depending on whether you’re purchasing the dog as a pet or with breeding rights. Puppies sold with breeding rights, allowing future breeding activities, are typically priced higher due to the potential for future offspring and the responsibility it entails.

Location and Demand

The location where you’re looking to purchase a Pomeranian can impact the price. Prices may vary regionally based on factors such as demand, availability, and the local cost of living. Urban areas or places with a higher cost of living generally have higher-priced Pomeranians.

Additional Costs to Consider

When calculating the cost of owning a Pomeranian, it’s important to consider additional expenses beyond the initial purchase price. These costs include vaccinations, spaying or neutering, microchipping, regular veterinary check-ups, grooming, food, toys, training, and potential emergency medical care. Budgeting for these ongoing expenses is crucial to provide proper care for your Pomeranian.


The cost of a Pomeranian can vary depending on several factors, including breed quality, lineage, age, and location. By considering these factors and being prepared for additional expenses, you can make an informed decision when bringing a Pomeranian into your home. Remember, the love and companionship a Pomeranian provides are priceless, and providing a happy and healthy life for your furry friend is the ultimate goal.


What is the temperament of a Pomeranian Husky?

Pomeranian Huskies are known for their playful, energetic, and intelligent nature. They are often friendly and affectionate towards their human family members but can also be independent and stubborn at times. Proper socialization and training are important to ensure a well-behaved companion.

How big do Pomeranian Huskies get?

Pomeranian Huskies are typically small to medium-sized dogs, ranging in weight from around 10 to 30 pounds and standing at a height of 10 to 15 inches at the shoulder. The exact size can vary depending on the specific breeding and the traits inherited from their parents.

Do Pomeranian Huskies shed a lot?

Pomeranian Huskies have a thick double coat that requires regular grooming to manage shedding. They shed moderately throughout the year, with heavier shedding during seasonal coat changes. Regular brushing can help control shedding and maintain their coat’s health.

What kind of care do Pomeranian Huskies require?

Pomeranian Huskies require regular grooming to maintain their coat’s health and prevent matting. They need a balanced diet, regular exercise, socialization, and training to ensure they grow into well-rounded and happy dogs.

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